Your question: What happened to QTS Realty Trust?

Who bought QTS Realty?

Blackstone’s $10 billion acquisition of QTS Realty Trust has now closed.

Is QTS Realty Trust a good investment?

QTS Realty Trust has received a consensus rating of Hold. The company’s average rating score is 2.17, and is based on 1 buy rating, 5 hold ratings, and no sell ratings.

Is QTS Realty Trust a REIT?

QTS Realty Trust Inc is a real estate investment trust involved in the ownership and management of data centers located throughout the United States. The company provides data center solutions and cloud-managed services to customers through its facilities.

What happened to QTS stock?

Under the terms of the merger agreement announced on June 7, 2021, QTS common stockholders will receive $78.00 in cash for each share of QTS common stock they own.

What is a data center REIT?

Data center REITs operate crucial data infrastructure. They own and manage facilities that customers use to house servers and networking equipment to store and access data. With data usage growing, demand for these facilities continues to expand.

Is QTS a publicly traded company?

QTS Realty Trust, Inc.

Quality Technology Services.

Trade name Quality Technology Services
Type Public company
Traded as NYSE: QTS (Class A) Russell 2000 Index component
Industry Real estate investment trust
Founded 2003
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What does QTS stand for?

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