Why do we bury St Joseph to sell a house?

Why do Americans use the statue of saint Joseph to sell houses?

He’s the patron saint of families, carpenters, and working people in general, but he is also the protector and patron saint of home sellers. Well, who better? Many sellers believe burying a statue of St. Joseph will help them get their house sold.

Why Bury St Christopher Sell House?

While no one knows who exactly started this tradition, it is said that the original intention behind burying the St. Joseph statue upside down in the dirt was to incentivize the saint to sell the home in order to return him right side up.

Does burying a St. Joseph statue really work?

The belief is that burying the St Joseph statue in your yard will help your home sell fast. The earliest accounts of this practice actually reference the statue being buried in order to get someone to sell the property to the one doing the burying. So, it may help with both buying and selling houses.

How do I Bury St. Joseph statue to sell my house?

How to Bury the Saint Joseph Statue

  1. Bury your Saint Joseph statue upside down near the For Sale sign.
  2. Bury the statue near and facing the road or near the back of the house; it’s believed that doing so will indicate that you are ready to leave the property.
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What Catholic saint helps sell your house?

Saint Joseph is petitioned by many conservative Catholics as one who grants an easy death, but in the wider world of Catholic folk-magic, he is the Patron Saint of real estate matters and home sales.

Can St. Joseph help you buy a house?

Apparently Saint Joseph (San Jose in Spanish and San Giuseppe in Italian) is the Patron Saint of real estate matters and home sales (among other things). The superstition involves burying (planting) a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in the yard while your house is for sale.

What saint do you bury for good luck?

“There is a popular tradition/custom/superstition to bury Saint Joseph statues as a good luck charms in selling real estate.

When should I dig up St Joseph?

As soon as the sale of the house is guaranteed, it’s time to dig up St. Joseph. Go to the place you buried him, remove him from the ground, and take him out of his bag and cloth.

What saint do you bury in the backyard to sell a house?

1. Bury St. Joseph in your yard. How you bury him depends on which source you consult and your own preference, but the most frequently mentioned method is that he should be buried upside down in the front yard, facing the house.

Why is St Anthony upside down?

Believers in Latin America turn Saint Anthony of Padua’s image upside down to overcome their love pains. Roman Catholic people in Latin America pray to Saint Anthony of Padua when they seek to leave singlehood.

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