You asked: What does CA stand for in real estate?

What does CA abbreviation stand for?

California, US state by postal abbreviation.

What does CA mean legally?

CA # — Court of Appeals (Court of Appeals for the #th Circuit)

What does CA mean in land?


Unit name Symbol Imperial/U.S. customary equivalents
centiare ca 10.7639 sq ft
deciare da 11.9599 sq yd
are a 3.95369 perches
decare daa 0.98842 roods

What does CA mean on a document?

A digital certificate is an electronic document issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). It contains the public key for a digital signature and specifies the identity associated with the key, such as the name of an organization.

What does CA mean in construction?

CA/ Construction Administration: If you’re mailing a letter, it may stand for The Golden State, but in architecture, CA means Construction Administration or Contract Administration. CA refers to the architectural phase and architect’s duties during the construction of your project.

What does CA stand for in business?

Chartered Accountant (CA) Definition. Corporate Finance.

What does RTC mean in court?


Acronym Definition
RTC Regional Trial Court (Philippines)
RTC Religious Technology Center
RTC Reservation Telephone Cooperative (Parshall, ND)
RTC Research and Training Center
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What does CA mean in measurement?

The abbreviation “ca.” when used with a unit of measurement. The abbreviation “ca.” is short for “circa” which means approximately. For example, in the Diacetyl, Vicinal Diketone (VDK), method 2023 it says to add ca. 0.5 g of naphthol solution in 100 ml of isopropanol.

What is a in land measurement?

are, unit of area in the metric system, equal to 100 square metres and the equivalent of 0.0247 acre. Its multiple, the hectare (equal to 100 ares), is the principal unit of land measurement for most of the world. The are was the basic unit of area when the metric system was first decreed in France in 1795.

How is land measured in France?

The French acre is a square 10 perches (one arpent) on each side. (Does not exactly correspond to the English acre, which is defined as 43 560 square feet.) This square perch was used in Quebec and Louisiana. It is a square 18 pieds du roi on each side.

What is a CA in a hospital?

CA: 1. Short (and slang) for cancer and carcinoma. 2. Abbreviation for cardiac arrest; chronological age; coronary artery.

Are electronic signatures legal in CA?

Electronic signatures are legal in California. California joined the majority of the US in passing the UETA act for the regulation of electronic signing and electronic transactions in 1999.

Can a deed be signed electronically in California?

If a document requires a signature by a court or a judicial officer, the document may be electronically signed in any manner permitted by law.

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