You asked: How much does it cost to sell a Spanish property?

How much do estate agents charge to sell a house in Spain?

Estate agent fees can be anything from 3-6% or even higher when the market is particularly buoyant, or in more upmarket areas. Make sure there’s clear agreement about any other charges you may be expected to pay on top of the fee.

How much does it cost to transfer property in Spain?

The Spanish tax authorities may claim a transfer tax called Actos Juridicos Documentados (AJD) which varies regionally between 0.75% to 1.75% of the official property value.

How do I sell a property in Spain?

The Steps to Selling Property in Spain

  1. Appoint a Professional Real Estate Agency. …
  2. The Formal Offer and Letter of Intent to Reserve. …
  3. The Private Arras Contract (Contrato Privado de Arras) …
  4. The Public Purchase Sale Deed (Escritura de compraventa) …
  5. Capital Gains Tax. …
  6. Plusvalía Tax. …
  7. Mortgage Cancellation Fees (if applicable)
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Do I need a solicitor to sell my house in Spain?

If you are selling property in Spain you will be required to be present at the completion meeting. If you are not able to be present it is possible to engage an experienced, independent legal adviser specialising in Spanish property law and grant them power of attorney to arrange the transaction on your behalf.

How much tax do I pay when I sell my Spanish property?

Selling property tax: How much is selling property tax in Spain? When selling a property in Spain you need to be aware of the payment of Plusvalia and Capital Gains Tax. The payment of Capital Gains Tax is between 19% and 24% and Plusvalia would be a percentage of the sale.

How much tax do you pay when selling property in Spain?

Selling property – tax in Spain

If you are selling a property in Spain, you may need to pay Plusvalia Municipal and Capital Gains Tax. These taxes can be a percentage of the sale, ranging from 19-24%, or can be calculated by the local authority based on other criteria.

How much council tax do you pay in Spain?

You can expect to pay an annual tax that is calculated on the basis of the rateable value (valor catastral) of the property. The tax payable will usually be very low, based on a taxable amount of 1.1 per cent of the rateable value, taxed at the rate of 19 per cent.

Can I gift my Spanish property to my daughter?

Gifting a Property – Tax Free Allowances

Each child (children of the property owners but adults) gets a 100,000€ tax free allowance at the present time in the Valencia region. This generally means that a property can be passed onto the next generation with little or usually no inheritance tax.

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Can I gift my Spanish property?

In Spain, a property or a share of a Spanish property can only be transferred in one of the following ways: Sale and purchase of the Spanish property. Gifting/donating the Spanish property. By inheritance of the Spanish property.

What is the fastest way to sell a house in Spain?

If you’re planning to sell a property in Spain and advertise on an online portal such as idealista, one of the keys to selling your house quickly on the internet is to promote the sale effectively. Creating a good property listing or advert is crucial for the successful sale of your property.

How much is Plusvalía tax in Spain?

One of the taxes that charges the selling of a property in Spain is the Plusvalía. But what is it? There are thousands of articles about how much will the buyer pay for the purchase of a property in Spain (aprox. 10% of the property price).

Is now a good time to sell property in Spain?

According to an idealista/data analysis for the third quarter of 2020, the time to sell a house in Spain has increased to an average of 6 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.