Can foreigners buy real estate in Cyprus?

Is it worth buying property in Cyprus?

Real estate to buy in Cyprus is absolutely worth it if you’re looking to get residency quickly in this beautiful island. For a €350K investment, you and your family will not only get a beautiful second home, but also residency permits which permit you to legally live, work and study in Cyprus.

Who can buy a property in Cyprus?

7. Permission to acquire immovable property in Cyprus. Cypriots and EU citizens are entitled to buy immovable property without any restrictions. Non-EU citizens can buy immovable property, however, permission from the Council of Ministers is required.

How many properties can a foreigner own in Cyprus?

Foreigners can buy one home in Cyprus, and are entitled to hold land freehold, but there is a maximum limit on land ownership of 3 donums (4,014 sq m). A permit to register a property is needed from the government, but can easily be obtained through a lawyer.

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Can an American buy property in Cyprus?

The process of purchasing property in Cyprus is relatively simple, in comparison to other European countries. All foreigners can buy property in Cyprus, there are no restrictions, as long as the correct documentation is supplied, and the applicant does not have a criminal record.

Can a foreigner get a mortgage in Cyprus?

Non-residents are generally not granted buy to let mortgages in Cyprus. As part of the legal proceedings you will be asked to declare that your property will not be used for commercial purposes. You must seek legal advice if you are interested in buy to let. Buying property for a holiday home is allowed.

Where is the best place to buy property in Cyprus?

Top places to buy in Cyprus

  • Nicosia. The capital of the Republic of Cyprus, modern, cosmopolitan Nicosia is a lively city of about 300,000 people situated some 50km from the coast. …
  • Limassol. …
  • Paphos. …
  • Larnaca. …
  • Peyia. …
  • Residential home. …
  • Holiday home. …
  • Buy to let/Investment property.

How long does it take to buy a property in Cyprus?

All things considered, the procedure for purchasing a property in Cyprus shouldn’t take more than 1 – 3 months.

Can a UK citizen buy a property in Cyprus?

UK citizens can buy a property in Cyprus following the same rules and regulations as any other non-EU citizens. There are certain restrictions regarding the size of the plot of land you want to buy and how long you can stay in your Cyprus home without officially becoming a resident.

Where is the cheapest property in Cyprus?

Larnaca is one of the cheapest cities in Cyprus. Real estate here costs 15-20% less than in Limassol. But you can rent it strictly during the high season (from May to October), Larnaca housing is generally not in demand for daily rent in winter.

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What is the best area to live in Cyprus?

Paphos is ranked as the best city to live in Cyprus for seven years in a row. It is a favorite destination among British immigrants and is home to a large expat community. In 2007 it won the title of City of Culture in Europe.

Should I rent or buy in Cyprus?

For many residents of Cyprus, renting a home is a great option. First, it is not so difficult to find suitable housing that meets the needs and financial criteria. Second, they can choose the rental period of real estate as they wish – from 1 month to years.

How do I buy land in Cyprus?

Restriction for the purchase of land by foreigners

Foreigners can purchase a plot of land, but with some restrictions – the size of the plot should not exceed 4000 m2. But adult family members can buy their own plot, or they can open a company in Cyprus, and purchase a legal entity.

How much is property tax in Cyprus?

Cyprus: Cyprus Tax Facts 2021 – Immovable Property Tax

Up to 40.000* 6 240
40.001 – 120.000 8 640
120.001 – 170.000 9 450
170.001 – 300.000 11 1.430

Is it easy to retire to Cyprus?

Retiring to Cyprus at the moment is relatively straightforward. If you qualify for a state pension in the UK, you can benefit from free healthcare. Simply apply for an S1 certificate and register in Cyprus.