Your question: Can I sell my father’s property?

Can father sell his property without consent of Son in India?

No, ancestral property be cannot be sold without consent of successors in case of major and in in case of minority you might have to take permission from the court. And if property disposed without consent can be reclaimed.

Who can inherit father’s property?

The court said, “If a property of a male Hindu dying intestate (without a will) is a self-acquired property or obtained in the partition of a coparcenary or a family property, the same would devolve by inheritance and not by survivorship, and a daughter of such a male Hindu would be entitled to inherit such property in …

Who inherit the property of a person after his death?

An heir is defined as an individual who is legally entitled to inherit some or all of the estate of another person who dies intestate, which means the deceased person failed to establish a legal last will and testament during their living years.

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How do I sell a deceased person’s property in India?

You should file an application in the civil court of the district where the property is of the deceased or where he normally he lived in. A notice will then be given by the court to you – the legal heirs; and an ad will also be published in the newspaper.

When can a daughter claim father’s property?

Can daughters claim father’s property after marriage? The HSA was amended in 2005 and it gave equal rights to the daughter in terms of property. Prior to the Hindu Succession Amendment Act 2005, sons enjoyed rights over the deceased father’s property, whereas daughters could do so only till she was unmarried.

Can son sell father’s property after death?

This house cannot be sold legally without their NOC. This property belonged to your deceased father and upon his intestate death, the properties shall devolve equally on all his legal heirs. His legal heirs consists of your mother, his children and his mother (if living).

Can a father give all his property to one child?

A father cannot freely give the ancestral property to one son. In Hindu law, the ancestral property can be gifted only under certain situations like distress or for pious reasons. Otherwise, the ancestral property cannot be given away to one child to the exclusion of all others.

Can a father disown his daughter from property?

The disowning of a child has no legal force and hence you can do nothing. However if you want to ensure that she inherits nothing on your death then you can gift or execute a Will bequeathing all your assets in favour of an person of your choice including your wife.

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How do I transfer property of deceased father?

Documents Required to transfer property from father to son

  1. Will/ testament.
  2. Certified copy of death certificate of the father.
  3. Succession Certificate.
  4. No-obligation certificate from the other successors/heirs along with the affidavit.
  5. Lineage list certificate.
  6. Relinquishment deed (if required)
  7. Gift deed (if required)

Can a son challenge his father’s will?

The terms of the will shall come into effect after the death of the testator (your father), and being a legal heir, you can challenge your father’s will in a court of law.

Can property be transferred without probate?

To transfer property, you need to apply at the sub-registrar’s office. You will need the ownership documents, the Will with probate or succession certificate.

Can my mother sell my father’s property?

1. The share of your father devolved on his widow and all children equally as he died intestate. Your mother cannot thus sell the entire house as she is only a co-owner and not absolute owner thereof. 2.

Can I sell my late fathers house?

If the deceased relative was the sole owner, then a grant of probate is required before the property can be sold. This is a certificate issued by the court that confirms the validity of the will and names the person(s) who has the legal authority to deal with a deceased person’s possessions, including their home.

What happens if father dies without will in India?

In case a male dies intestate, i.e. without making a will, his assets shall be distributed according to the Hindu Succession Act and the property is transferred to the legal heirs of the deceased. The legal heirs are further classified into two classes- class I and class II.

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